Our creams are made as natural as possible, with an olive emulsifying wax and a natural plant based eco-certified preservative.

Made to Order - Handmade Soap

Soaps with Essential Oils
Olive Oil Soap - Handmade
Handmade soap to order by Lavender Magic
Handmade soap made to order
Lavender Fairy soaps made to order

Pauline is an incredibly talented soap maker.  Orders can be taken for your special occasion.  Choose your own colours, scents, oils and style.  Prices depend on what you choose.  Maybe you are in an industry and would like your own soap.  Olive growers - we can use your own oil.  Coffee makers - we can incorporate your coffee.  Real Estate Agents - we can use your colours. The possibilities are endless.  Orders may take 2 months to process - enquire by e-mail.

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