The name lavender is taken from the Latin ‘lavare’ meaning ‘to wash’.  It is said Cleopatra bathed in lavender.  Today, we use Lavender in much the same way.  Lavender baths are a wonderful way to cleanse and rejuvenate the body, soothe achy muscles and relax the mind.  Lavender Magic Bath Balls and Salts are made with your body and pleasure in mind.  Look here for your favourite product.

Bath Balls & Bath Salts


We are proud of what we achieve and share with you.  We hope you enjoyed your flower farm visit and our products.  As a small business reviews are important.  Please share your experience here thank you.


Lavender Magic

Lavender Magic - Natural skincare products, such as balms, creams, soaps and sprays, free from harsh chemicals, synthetic fragrances or colours. Lavender Magic products are made locally, containing our very own award winning essential oil, with your needs in mind.